Summer Field of Flowers

I was driving along and almost crashed when I saw a beautiful field of flowers off the side of the road! I knew I had to get back there ASAP for a photo shoot. As soon as I got home, I broke the news to my daughter and told her we were heading there the following night to take pictures. My kids don’t even argue with me anymore because they know they will lose and “crazy will come out” if they don’t cooperate. I try and make them feel as special as I can by giving them creative choices of outfits and hairdo’s. Once we reached a compromise, we were off to go take pictures! I realized as soon as we got there, that this was not a location to bring many clients to. Pricker bushes, bugs and lots of mud would not be an easy sell in exchange for beautiful pictures. Thankfully, I was able to convince a senior to return to the flowers with me a few nights later to capture some more images (her poor legs were all cut up afterwards).

So glad in the end that I was able to find this beautiful field of summer flowers because they were only in bloom for a week!!!

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