A Mother’s Love

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I felt the timing of this post was appropriate. I met these sweet babies and was able to capture their “newness” for Mom & Dad. This is a big, beautiful family and Mom certainly has her hands full with 7 other children to care for! I have no idea how she does it but I am none the less in awe of her! This Mother’s Day poem is very fitting to all hard working Mom’s out there!

“A Mother loves right from the start. She holds her baby close to her heart. The bond that grows will never falter. Her love is so strong it will never alter. A Mother gives never ending Love. She never feels that she has given enough. For you she will always do her best. Constantly working, there’s no time to rest. A Mother is there when things go wrong. A hug and a kiss to help us along. Always there when we need her near. Gently wipes our eyes when we shed a tear.”

All Smiles

Boy Girl Twins

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My First Blog Post!!!

Yippie…woohoo…party on…my very first Blog post!

Can you tell that I’m so excited to welcome you to my new Blog??? It has been a labor of love for me over the last few months learning the in’s & out’s of the ”Blogging world” and going through all of my work and seeing just how much I have grown on this personal journey. It is here that I will be posting my latest updates in my photography. From newborns, to children to just about anything in my everyday life that moves me. I don’t promise to be the best Blogger out there but I will do my best in hopefully displaying beautiful images of life’s irreplaceable moments. I hope you enjoy viewing my work and learning just a little about myself and my clients. Feel free to comment! I love feedback! Please contact me with any and all questions and thanks for visiting my little “space” on the web:)

I know that Spring is here and the weather has shown us a few beautiful days but I wanted to share a couple of my favorite images of my little snow angel on our last (hopefully our very last) snowy day! 

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ava granzier

you are awesome at this!!! i couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. it looks great!!!** :)

Diane Zucco

Mellissa, your snow angel pictures are just stunning. What a gift you have!


Great job Mellissa! I look forward to basking in the glow of your creative genius!!

M o r e   i n f o